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GoPro Karma HERO5

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GoPro Company is the leading industry for active video taking but took its chances and releases the GoPro Karma. When it was released, all eyes are on it but the company nailed it once again, the speed features, software, agility are topnotch.

This model is also a backpack buddy; it can be reduced to a much smaller size thanks to its foldable wings. Even if it is handheld or body mounted, it captures an HD like footage and picture. When in mid-air, it captures a magnificent shake free view of the area.

The package includes a Karma Grip where you can mount the GoPro after releasing the Karma Stabilizer for a professional like handheld shots. First time flyers won’t have to deal with the flight worries because the manual is easy to understand and the gadget itself is easy to operate.

The flight time is limited to only 20 minutes and charging time is about 1 hour for the battery. It is also suitable with Hero 5 and Hero 4.

When drone cameras are released, one of the best models introduced is from the GoPro Company. When you talk about active video recording and picture taking, nothing beats GoPro models. The specs are well designed to attain a true 4K video recording quality.

Other companies may attempt to release the same type of drone camera, but nothing beats the original. Features and software are technologically driven and systematically calculate to raise the bar for drone cameras.

Conclusion: If you’re one of the many who belong to the Go Pro nation, the Karma will fit right into your style. This drone doesn’t have a built-in camera because it uses the Go Pro you are currently using. It has a compact and lightweight design that’s been marketed by the Go Pro world. The user interface is very straightforward. With the GIMBLE in place, all shot the Karma takes is steady and amazing. This is the best partner for your Go Pro.

  • Comes with a handheld device called the Karma Grip
  • You can take it anywhere and whenever you like
  • Captures high quality photos and videos
  • Built in display on the controller
  • Maximum flight altitude: 10,500ft (3,200m)
  • No Obstacles Avoidance Feature
  • Flight time last for 20 minutes only


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