DJI Phantom 4


DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter Review


 Phantom 4 Starter Bundle    $809.00

  • In the Box: Aircraft Body 1.
  • Remote Controller 1.
  • Propeller Pairs 4.
  • Intelligent Flight.
  • Battery 1.
  • Battery Charger 1.
  • Power Cable 1.
  • Manuals, Gimbal Clamp 1.
  • USB OTG Cable 1.
  • Micro USB Cable 1.
  • Micro SD Card 116GB).
  • Carrying Case 1.


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The model offers the best flight control among drone cameras plus the built in magnesium core increases its agility. The safety software geared in, in the drone increases the speed by 25%. This truly brings the ultimate thrill of speed and excitement.

The obstacle sensors are connected with an advance software system that allows better vision and reaction processing to obstacle avoidance on its path. The drone might be bulky to look at but because of its magnesium skeleton, weight is minimized and stiffness is kept to minimize vibration. The design is highly updated with the center of gravity maintaining the balance, precision and agility.

A clear and picturesque shot is accomplished because of its f/2.8 lens that accommodates a wide view of the area. The Gimbal technology is built in for better stabilization control and hover functioning. The sleek appearance and aerodynamics makes this drone camera envy to many.

The DJI Phantom 4 model reacts well with touch. The TapFly mode, once connected to you smart device displays the flying direction plus in conjunction with the sensors, you can fly it with no worries at all.

This drone camera is a good candidate for the competition making it a good rival for the Mavic Pro which comes from the same manufacturer. Its specs include auto off/return home system powered by a GPS technology for good navigation control, and 4K ultra HD video at 30 fps for picture and video taking.

With its bulky and huge design, stability and flight safety is surely guaranteed. It may not be a portable type but this is engineered with good technology and powered with lots of navigation application.

Conclusion: If you are planning to get a drone, and this is your first time getting one, then the Phantom 4 is the drone for you. The controls are straight forward that even a five-year old can fly this drone. It is one incredible piece of technology that you shouldn’t pass up. But it definitely makes up for those quality videos that have more crisp than the rest of the competition. The best part is that the DJI Phantom 4 boasts about 28 minutes of flight time. That’s half an hour of epic aerial shots that nothing but mind-blowing.

  • High-level aerial photography and cinematography
  • Maximum Speed: 20m/s
  • Built in application makes it easy to operate
  • Its automatic on/return home software
  • Not a travel buddy because of its size and appearance
  • The accessories might be a bit expensive
  • The flight distance might be affected by weather conditions




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