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DJI Mavic Pro


  • DJI Mavic Pro Aerial 4K Camera Drone Bundle.
  • Shoulder Bag & Prop Guard (Certified Refurbished).


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Pro Starter Bundle $729.00


DJI Mavic Pro Starters Bundle – All You Need Bundle (Certified Refurbished)

Portable yet powerful, the Mavic Pro is your personal drone, ready to go with you everywhere.
Bundle includes:

  • Mavic Pro Certified Refurbished,
  • 32 and 16 GB MicroSd,
  • Landing pad,
  • remote clasp,
  • propeller protector,
  • remote stick protector,
  • camera lens shade and protector,
  • Camrise lanyard and USB
  • Flight time 27 MINS – Control range 7 KM – Speed 65 KM/H
  • Video resolution 4K


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In combination with the Activetrack application, you don’t have to hold it wherever you go, it will follow you automatically. The drone can be connected to your iPhone and controlled by a remote so a better shot of the view will be taken. You don’t even need to be a pro to fly it, its application will do the work for you.This model can be packed and folded like small water bottle so whenever you go on trips, this won’t cause any hassle. This sci-fi like gadget made straight out from the movies has features that include OcuSync transmission system of about 7km transmission range. It can also fly as high as 40mph (64kph) or within 27 minutes range.

With its futuristic design, it can surely topple every drone cameras in its category. This drone camera is considered as a technology breakthrough invention that can be pack anywhere you go like small bottled water.

To top it all, this is systematically programmed with the necessary safety features like obstacle avoidance and sensor redundancy specs. With that in combination, flight safety is completely achieved.

So DJI Mavic Pro is still a best drone for 2018. And we will update asap when the new version released. Let’s check the comparison of DJI Mavic Air Vs Mavic Pro Vs Spark.

Conclusion: The first thing that is very notable about the Mavic Pro is its size. The whole thing is smaller than the control console of the Phantom 4. This drone is what we can consider Hi-Tech if it can fit in your pocket without any problem and still perform the functions it promises. It is lightweight, and ironically, it feels solid as a rock. You don’t get this feeling that this is a toy, rather a militaristic gadget from the future. Also, since you can fit this drone inside a pouch, it costs less that the others in the market but is a rival to any and all drone units to date. The DJI Mavic Pro the materialization of ingenious design and powerful performance.

  • Equipped with a vision positioning sensor that is paired with GPS and GLONASS for better positioning indoor and outdoor
  • With ActiveTrack, TapFly application for an expert like video taking
  • Sonar sensors positioned at the back to avoid ground smashing and 2 Obstacle avoidance sensors at the front to avoid smashing to trees/buildings
  • Unstable if use during windy days, weighs about 1.64 pounds
  • Only smartphones are compatible for control





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