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I have been noticing some advertising SCAMS on Facebook recently, buying drones for ridiculous prices with fake information and details about the drone they are trying to sell.

This really upsets me when people try to SCAM other people so I decided to write this Blog hoping it will get out there and stop these criminals.

See below SCAMMER to watch out you.

Alert to DJI: Rampant FB scams.

Just thought DJI should be aware, that as of late on Facebook there have been a litany of scam posts by companies advertising a drone for sale using pictures and videos of DJI Mavic drones but either (1) not shipping the user anything or (2) shipping them a drone that isn’t at all what was pictured. They use photos / video of Mavic drones while advertising ridiculously low prices for said drone. For instance, the other day I saw a company advertising a Mavic Pro for 54 dollars.

Furthermore, while using the videos they never actually use the words Mavic or DJI or any specific names, as you can see from the attached photo.

Thought DJI should be aware so maybe they could contact Facebook to put a damper on these scams. People deeply familiar with the state of drones may not fall for this, but those who aren’t and are curious and maybe looking to get a drone may fall for this as they aren’t familiar with the state of the technology or what realistic price points are.






Another one just popped up, this one actually using the Mavic name:

https://showsfox.com/collections … ldablerc-quadcopter






Reviews from paypal


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‎Jul-09-2018 09:23 AM


Scammers selling Drones on Facebook

Why is PayPal still actively working with Scammers operating out of China who are advertising high quality drones and products for sale on social media sites and sending cheap fake children’s toys, conning people all over the world out of money. Paypal Insisting all products must be sent back to the scammers before getting a refund. Customs and Police destroy fakes from criminal elements to stop them, Yet paypal insist we return the Fake items back to the criminals so they can carry on with their criminal activities using PayPal. They don’t even have to restock to carry on the con because PayPal make sure that they are well stocked with all the returned fakes people have to send back before trying to get our money back. Why doesn’t paypal treat these scammers for what they really are ? Criminals using deception and false advertising to steal money off unsuspecting consumers all over the world through PayPal. Paypal confirmed to me that it was a Chinese company sending drones out of China and they have had lots of complaints about them. Today you can still be conned out of money because paypal is ignoring its customer complaints about this company. Very disappointed with paypal

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‎Aug-16-2018 06:49 AM


Re: Scammers selling Drones on Facebook

I have also had this happen to me. I ordered a Drone that was advertised as high quality and paid extra for a 4K HD camera and extra battery as well as express shipping. What I received was a toy drone nothing close to what I bought. I have notified the sender, the shipping agent and PayPay and have gotten the run around. I am surprised that Facebook and PayPal have not shut these scammers down to protect the people, like myself, who have fallen victim to these criminal scammers. FOLKS: Remember as I have been reminded “If it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true”. Don’t fall for these scam sites.

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My friendly advice: Don’t fall for this scam, warn your friends and report this lowlife scumbag’s Facebook ads!

Lastly, share this article if you find it useful. Maybe it’s not too late…

Update 26.08.2017 – Uavhotclub.com is down.

It looks like their hosting provider took some measures. Great news!

However, they will probably buy another domain to continue their scam. I’ll keep this post up to date if necessary.

Update 2 on 26.08.2017 – more scamming websites from the same fraudster

After more extensive investigations, I made up a list of websites owned by the same person, all of them built for the only purpose to steal your personal info and credit card details.

This is a list with phishing/scam websites:

  • uavtopshop.com – selling TAOSONIC drones (DJI clones)
  • uavhotshow.com – selling DJI products
  • camerahotstore.com – selling Eclipse action cameras (GoPro clones)
  • uavhptshoppe.com – sells DJI drones
  • uavhotmall.com – DJI products
  • uavhotstore.com – fictive DJI products
  • cameravipstore.com – selling inexistent Eclipse action cameras
  • hotuavshow.com – sells Evanbox Bluetooth portable speakers
  • autobrushshop.com – sells Meoro electric toothbrushes
  • razorhotshoppe.com – sells fictive electric razors
  • uavtopstore.com – sells fictive Taosonic drones
  • uavtopclub.com – Taosonic drones
  • uavtopshoppe.com – Taosonic products
  • teslico.com – sells fictive Eclipse products
  • uavtopmall.com – fake Taosonic drones
  • aliitt.com – selling GoPro action cameras
  • 3csaleonline.com – sells fictive wireless routers
  • uavhptshop.com – fictive DJI products
  • cheap3cmall.com – inexistent DJI products
  • autobrushmall.com – selling fictive MEORO products
  • autobrushshow.com – same as above, MEORO toothbrushes
  • autobrushshoppe.com – also fake Meoro electric toothbrushes
  • autobrushstore.com – same, Meoro products
  • camerahotstore.com – Eclipse action cameras scam
  • autobrushhot.com – Meoro toothbrushes scam
  • curriys.com – scam, selling Fujifilm cameras

Subdomains used in this large scam are: shop, mall, club, hot. Which means you will most likely see in the address bar something like hot.fakestore.com or club.fakestore.com, not just fakestore.com alone.

This list is open. It looks like this is an ongoing Chinese scam that probably made a few hundred victims so far. These websites share the same IP address,, which means they are all hosted on the same server, at the same provider (Gorilla Servers – gorillaservers.com) that, if you ask me, also doesn’t look like a trustful web hosting provider. Gorilla Servers claims to be from Los Angeles, California.

Update 3 on 02.09.2017 – more servers and domains used for this scam

  • shopflymall.com – TAOSONIC media players and recorders
  • shopflymall.com/uav – TAOSONIC drones (it looks like they’re short on domain names and started to use sub directories instead of new domains)

Other IP addresses that host fake websites:

  • (Gorilla Servers)

We can stop this unscrupulous scammer together by sharing this article in our social media accounts.




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I have put a couple of videos below to show you some of the SCAMS (DO NOT BUY)




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